Ggg grand-parents: Robert Brockbank & Agnes Taylor

Robert Brockbank was one of a long line of joiners born at Hannakin just outside Hawkshead. Parish Registers show he married Agnes Taylor in 1814.

Robert baptism and marriage

The couple had 9 children, 7 surviving to adulthood. The family appears in the 1841 Census at Foldyeat, with the 3 youngest children. John, aged 8, was to become my great great grandfather!

Robert 1841 census

In 1851 the family is still at Foldyeat, the same children at home … but with the arrival of a grand-daughter (more later; I’ll finish the census trail first).

Robert 1851

By 1861, the family had moved to Hannakin, with Robert’s son John established next-door with his own household. Robert still has his grand-daughter with him, plus a servant from Edinburgh, Isabella Denpam.

Robert 1861

Robert’s wife Agnes died in 1856, aged just 62, on the death certificate “Rupture of vessel in brain” – a stroke. It was lovely to find a newspaper article describing how Agnes would visit the sick and dying in Hawkshead.

Agnes Hannakin newspaper 1856

Children of Robert and Agnes

The couple’s first daughter, Sarah, died age 15 in 1830. Of their second daughter, Margaret born 1817, I have searched for a marriage or death but found nothing.

Robert and Agnes’s third daughter married a gentleman widower in 1857.

Ann Brockbank 1857 wedding

Like her mother, it looks like Ann was a popular village character, running a newspaper shop, according to this article in Soulby’s Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer reporting her death in 1903.

Ann Rowlandson death 1903

The daughter referred to in the article was John Rowlandson’s daughter by a previous marriage.

The next daughter, Jane born 1822 married John Atkinson in 1848. They had three children, but Jane died aged just 35, possibly in childbirth, but there’s no record of a surviving baby. Their son Robert Atkinson Brockbank also died young, aged 24.

Atkinson family
Family of Robert and Agnes’s daughter Jane Atkinson (née Brockbank)

Robert and Agnes had two boys who died within a week of each other in 1829.

Matthew and robert 1829

Robert and Agnes’s seventh child was a daughter born in 1830, also named Agnes. She married Edward Gregson of Lancaster in 1853. I wonder how they met!

Agnes Gregsomn 1853 marriage

For many years, this family lived at 31 Lovat Street, West Derby, Liverpool, but by 1911 they had moved to 6 Old Mill Lane, Formby, with 3 of their 7 surviving children. Edward and Agnes died within months of each other in winter 1912/13,  both aged 82.

Gregson 1911

Robert and Agnes’s son John Brockbank was my great-great grandfather. There are two posts covering John’s long and interesting life:

John Brockbank and Margaret Coward children and grandchildren

John Brockbank’s 1875 Lawsuit against Colonel Sandys

And finally a tree showing Robert and Agnes’s children and grandchildren. It’s likely that some of their descendants have stayed in the Hawkshead area!

Robert and Agnes tree

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