The Judd family

There’s a photo in our lounge in Windermere of my Dad’s great-grandparents on his mother’s side: John and Lucrecia Judd. It was taken outside their last home, one of the alms houses at Goodley Dale in Windermere.

John and Lucretia
My great-great grandparents John and Lucrecia Judd

John was born 7 July 1850 at St Giles in the Wood, Devon. His father was Mulford Judd, a labourer, his mother Elizabeth Norman.

John Judd 1850 small birth

The couple married in 1874 in Lofthouse, Yorkshire. What prompted the move north, I don’t know.

John Judd 1874 marriage cert
Marriage certificate from 1874 of my great-great grandparents John and Lucretia Judd (photo at the top of this post)

John and Lucretia had eight children, the eldest of whom was my great-grandfather, Leonard Judd (1874–1954). Here is the family in the 1891 Census at 73 Hampton Road, Scarborough.

Leonard Judd 1891 Census

In 1892, Leonard married Annie Elizabeth Inchbald in Scarborough.

Leonard and Annie marriage

This photo of Annie Inchbald must be the earliest family photo we have.

Annie Inchbald

Leonard and Annie had three children: Robert 1892, Emily 1894 and Annie Eliza 1896. Annie Eliza – later shortened to Nancy – was my grandmother. Tragedy struck the young family when Annie senior died from scarlet fever aged just 23, 6 months after the birth of Annie Eliza.

Annie Inchbald death cert

Leonard married again, his second wife being Florence Judith Storry. My Dad remembers being told that the second wife did not get on with her eldest step-son Robert. Sure enough, in the 1911 Census, we find Robert in the Netherton Training School near Morpeth, 15 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Robert 1911 front page

Robert 1911

Robert Judd joined up with the 6th Dragoons (Inniskilling), shortly after the time of the 1911 Census. The photo of Robert in dress-uniform below was taken around 1912. His mother was said to have come from Enniskillen, though actually she was born in Great Ayton, Yorkshire, in 1874. Her surname – Inchbald – deserves further investigation! Robert was killed on 1 December 1917 near Cambrai during the Battle of the Somme.

Robert Judd dress uniform
My great-uncle Robert William Judd in uniform of the 6th Dragoons (Inniskilling), taken around 1912
Nancy and Bob in Scarborough
My grandmother Nancy Judd with her brother Robert, who was killed in World War I. The photo was taken on the beach at Scarborough


The family tree is shown below. It was a surprise to learn of the birth of a middle child, Emily Judd, who stayed with Leonard and his second wife, Florence.

Emily 1911


Judd tree

It took a lot of searching to locate Mary E Judd in the census, who my dad remembers as Aunt Polly. Apparently, Polly is short for either Mary or Dorothy via their respective diminutives Molly or Dolly! Who knew?!

My dad remembers his Aunt Polly coming to Windermere to take care of her parents Leonard and Lucretia, around 1937. Before that she worked as a children’s nanny, and dad had a cast-off blazer from one of her charges, a boy named Baisley Hales, who would have been 2 or 3 years older. I’ve not managed to locate this family, but I did find Polly in the 1911 Census working for the Zwinger family in Settle, Yorkshire.

Aunt Polly 1911

After John and Lucretia passed away in 1937 and 1941, Polly married Percy E Wheeler, a widowed and retired shoemaker from Bournemouth. The wedding took place on 16 September 1941 at the Methodist Church on Southbourne Road, Bournemouth. Polly was 65 and Percy 70.

southborne methodists

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